Please enjoy my humble ramblings as I figure out my life.

Vegan YouTube Must Be Stopped

As a 15 year old girl searching for ways to ~get skinny~ and healthy, I stumbled across videos by FreeLee the Banana Girl, an Australian vegan YouTuber. FreeLee introduced me to veganism, crediting the lifestyle to her lean physique (conveniently without mentioning that she biked for hours each day‚Ķ). She claimed that ingesting animal productsContinue reading “Vegan YouTube Must Be Stopped”

Gavin’s Grade: F For Effort

Getting to go to school in your pajamas while not getting graded for your work? What could go wrong?

In Defense of Margaret Thatcher

It’s no secret that Margaret Thatcher is one of the most controversial Prime Ministers in U.K. history. The controversy has only continued since her resignation in 1990. She is loathed among progressives, who view her as a cold woman who spitefully slashed social programs in the 1980s, while conservatives laud her as a hero whoContinue reading “In Defense of Margaret Thatcher”

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